La révolution iPad + AppStore en 7 points

The computing revolution brought on by iOS, the hardware, and the App Store ecosystem is a bigger deal than we realize.

A la lumière d’un exemple de la vie courante (réaménager en 3D une cuisine), Marco Arment résume extrêmement bien ce qui fait que l’écosystème lancé il y a à peine plus d’un an par Apple révolutionne chaque jour un peu plus le quotidien de ses utilisateurs et le futur de l’industrie « post-PC »…

  • I wouldn’t have been able to easily find a good app to do this without being bombarded with spam in my Google search. (And many of them would be Windows-only.)
  • When I did finally find an app that looked reasonable, I wouldn’t have been able to find any trustworthy reviews, being bombarded instead by more search spam.
  • When I went to buy it, it probably would have cost more.
  • I wouldn’t have trusted it comfortably enough to install it on my computer.
  • It might not even work.
  • If it did work, I’d probably need longer to figure out its learning curve, and navigating wouldn’t be as easy or fast with a keyboard and trackpad.
  • Taking out the laptop in the car, and passing around a laptop to show the final product, would feel much clunkier than using the iPad.

Source : An iPad success story par Marco Arment.

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